Maike Sabel

Research Project E1: Resilience of littoral food webs to oligotrophication and neozoa invasions

The most important environmental changes at Lake Constance in the last years were caused by reoligotrophication, increase of water temperature and invasion of new species. Although these impacts are most pronounced in littoral regions, many studies, so far, focused on the pelagic system and it is unknown how the littoral ecosystem reacts to these changes.

My PhD project investigates changes in the littoral fish and macrozoobenthos communities of Lake Constance due to re-oligotrophication, neozoa invasion and global warming. We will study the dynamics in neozoa invasions, shifts in diet and size spectra of dominant species and whole communities, as well as predator-prey-relationships between macroinvertebrates and littoral fish species.

Since 05/17


·      Limnological Institute, University of Konstanz

·      Ph.D. Project: ‘Resilience of littoral food webs to oligotrophication and neozoa invasions’

10/13 until 10/15

Master Studies ‘M.Sc. Marine Biology’

·      University of Bremen

·      M.Sc. Thesis: ‘Heavy metal contamination in stranded marine mammals along the Brazilian coast’

10/10 until 06/13

Bachelor Studies ‘B.Sc. Biowissenschaften’

·      Goethe University , Frankfurt am Main

·      B.Sc. Thesis: ‘Populationsanalyse der Garnelenart Pandalus montagui (Crustacea: Decapoda: Pandalidae) in der Jade (Nordsee)’


Sabel M, Türkay M, Sonnewald M. Population analysis of the pink shrimp Pandalus montagui Leach, 1814 (Crustacea: Pandalidae) in Jade Bay (North Sea) indicates a link to the population at the Helgoland Trench. Marine Biodiversity, 1-7.


Conference Attendances

Sabel M, de Moura JF, Acevedo-Trejos E, Merico A. Global Assessment of Mercury and Selenium Concentrations in Cetaceans. Oral presentation at the 18th International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment (ICHMET), Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium.

06/18Sabel M, Eckmann R, Straile D. Long-term Changes in the Structure and Traits of the Littoral Fish Community in a Large, Pre-alpine European Lake. Oral Presentation at the ASLO Summer Meeting, Victoria, BC, Canada