Desiree Helmer

Research Project C3: Spatial and temporal patterns of isotopic signatures in lake food webs

CV / Research / Interest

Research interest: Behavioral Ecology, Biodiversity, Marine Biology

10/2013- 04/2016         Studies in Marine biology, University of Rostock

                                                Master Thesis at the Marine Science Center Hohe Düne

                                                Topic/Publication: Saccadic Movement Strategy in Common Cuttlefish

                                                 (Sepia officinalis), 2017     

10/2009- 09/2012        Studies in Biological Science, University of Rostock and Studies in  

                                                Ecology and Biodiversity, University of Cluj

                                                Bachelor thesis as Double Degree at University of Cluj and University

                                                of Rostock

                                                Topic: Luring behaviour in the green toad (Bufo viridis